Hi there, I’m Johanna (she/they)

Certified copywriter, coach, and marketing strategist.

Above all, I’m an activist who dreams of a world where all beings are treated with kindness and respect.

I feel passionate about helping changemakers push through what holds them back from making the impact they crave.

Just imagine how much better the world would be if your dreams came true! If you’re ready to stand out big time, I’d love to support you.

If you want to know how I got here, read on…


Growing up in the Finnish countryside, I spent a big part of my childhood at my grandparents’ farm.

I loved being there because I loved being around animals: feeding the pigs and chickens, fetching the cows from the pasture for afternoon milking, helping Grandma name the newborn calves…

But those years also opened my eyes to something else.

I saw cows being forcibly impregnated to ensure they would continue producing milk. Day-old calves bellowing in barren pens after being taken from their mothers. Young bulls taking their first shaky steps after being tied from the neck, only to be loaded onto a slaughter lorry.

When I was young, the things I saw were normal to me because they were normal to everyone around me.

But the older I got, the more uncomfortable I became. It was as if I began to see something others didn’t, hear a voice nobody else could. It said, “this is not right.”

The day I turned 16, I declared to everyone that I wouldn’t eat meat anymore. That was the start of my lifelong mission to stand up for non-human animals.


After graduating from high school, I couldn’t wait to escape to the city. After feeling like the odd one out for so long, I was itching to find people who understood me.

I’d always loved languages and writing, so I decided to pursue a career in translation. I spent my days studying English at university and dedicated my free time to animal rights activism.

I planned campaigns, organised events, cooked a lot of vegan food, and marched in more demonstrations than I could ever remember.

Through animal rights, I discovered other social justice movements and realised that oppressive systems are interconnected.

After getting my Master’s in English, I did my best to combine my passion for advocacy, languages, and writing.

I collaborated with organisations working for a better future. I translated books on animal ethics, our food system, and the problems of industrial agriculture — plus, I even worked as a chef at Finland’s first vegan café.


After 10 years of working as a translator, I had to face facts.

Finnish is a small language, so there were only so many value-aligned jobs I could take on. And as a translator, you’re always conveying what somebody else has already written.

I knew I could make a bigger impact with my skills. And I had so much to say! So I started researching ways to improve as a writer.

That’s when I discovered copywriting — the art of inspiring action through words.

I was fascinated from the get-go, but the start of my copy career was a struggle. After identifying as an activist and anti-capitalist all my adult life, marketing felt like a dirty word.

Sales even dirtier.

I was afraid I’d be called a sell-out. And I didn’t want to manipulate people into buying stuff they didn’t need. It took serious soul-searching before I could give myself permission to start on this new path.

The final push came when I stumbled upon copywriting expert Alex Cattoni. Her messaging was full of empathy and drew me in. So I enrolled in her copywriting training and mentorship program, the Copy Posse Launch Pad.

After getting my copywriting certification, I realised I had found what I had been looking for: a potent way to harness my love for words to make a positive difference.

The next step was joining Alex’s exclusive mastermind, REIGN, where I keep honing my skills with some of the most respected copywriters, marketers, and branding specialists in the industry.

Over the past two years, I’ve also been honoured to coach 400+ aspiring copywriters through the Copy Posse Launch Pad — the very programme that transformed my career.

Recently, I’ve stepped into a new role as a Mentor for the Copy Posse’s new copywriting membership, Spark. I couldn’t be more excited to continue developing my coaching and mentoring skills while helping writers and other creative entrepreneurs build thriving businesses.


What started as wanting to write better has turned into an unexpected journey of personal and professional growth.

I’ve gone from being a deeply purpose-driven but financially struggling translator to becoming an activist-entrepreneur with massive dreams for the future. (I can’t wait for the day when I can donate thousands of euros to my favourite animal sanctuary without batting an eye!)

I’ve also come to realise that all my life, I’ve been trying to change the world while keeping myself pretty invisible.

But that’s not the change I want to see in the world. I want vegan business owners and other rebels to take up space, so we can reach more people, inspire one another, help our animal friends, and create serious systemic change.

Because of everything I’ve experienced, I feel passionate about helping other changemakers push through what holds them back from making the impact they crave.

I know your dreams and your vision hold so much revolutionary power.

I believe you can do business differently — so that it brings you joy, purpose, and helps us create a more kind, just, sustainable future. I believe you can make a positive impact without hustling or burning out. I believe you can make lots of money and be a good person.

The world is waiting for you to succeed. If you feel the pull, I’d love to support you on the way.






I’m committed to donating at least 1% of annual profits to organisations building a better world, such as Saparomäki Sanctuary, Oikeutta eläimille, the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, and Médecins Sans Frontières.